Additional Fieldwork/Internship Opportunities

Note: some of these courses have deadlines that are earlier than the regular Winter Study registration period. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities, please contact the pertinent instructor as soon as possible.

ECON 21 Fieldwork in International Development (Ashok Rai)
ECON 23 Investing (Abigail G. Wattley)
PSCI 21 Fieldwork in Public Affairs and Private Non-Profits (Same as POEC 21) (Paula Consolini)
PSYC 21 Psychology Internships (Steven Fein)
SPEC 19 Healthcare Internships (Rebecca Counter)
SPEC 21 Experience the Workplace: an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents (Dawn Dellea)
SPEC 28 Class of 1959 Teach NYC Urban Education Program (Tracy Finnegan)