Levien Family Winter Study Journalism Fellowship

The Levien Family Winter Study Journalism Fellowship will provide one or two students annually the chance to pursue independent journalism projects through a Winter Study “99” course by providing them funding to travel and conduct reporting. The maximum award available to an individual student is $1,500.

A key goal of the award’s establishment is to augment the quality and reach of student journalism for the benefit the entire Williams community. Therefore, award recipients will be required to produce a piece of journalism to be published in student media as the work product of the experience. This piece (or set of pieces) could replace, or complement, a formal written paper typical to receive credit for a 99 based on the discretion of the faculty sponsor and Winter Study faculty committee. Prior assurance from the editor of the Williams Record or a similar student news media organization that the final piece will be published is a key consideration for the committee in evaluating proposals. Ideally, ideas for stories that could be of interest to the Williams community could even come from the Record editor.

Levien Family Journalism Fellowship Application (due September 30, 2021)