Travel Course Registration

Winter Study Travel Registration Form

Registration for WSP travel courses will take place prior to the registration for other WSP courses. YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER FOR ONE WSP TRAVEL COURSE, so think carefully about your first choice selection before submitting the form! In fact, you should not submit a form until you have attended the travel course organizational meetings that will take place during the first few weeks of fall semester when instructors will go over details about the courses. If you are on study away during fall semester, in lieu of attending the meeting, you should contact the instructor via email to get more information about the course. (Note: Students who plan to be on leave Fall AND Spring semester are not eligible to participate in Winter Study Travel Courses.)

YOU CANNOT submit a 99 as a backup in case you are not accepted into the travel course!

Financial Aid is provided for 10-100% of the travel course costs based on the student’s level of financial need. Students receive notification of the percentage of their eligibility via email in late September.

If, after reading the descriptions and consulting with the instructor, you decide that you would like to register for one of these courses as your first choice for a WSP project, complete the attached form no later than midnight on Thursday, 27 September 2018.

If you decide that you do not want to register for a travel course as a first choice, you do not have to do anything at this time. Registration for other WSP courses will take place November 7-11 via SELFREG. If you do not get your first choice and want to try to get into a travel course as an alternate option, you can only be added to that course with the permission of the instructor and only if space is still available.