Travel Course Registration

Students can only register for one Winter Study travel course, and cannot submit a Winter Study 99 proposal (independent study) as a “backup plan” if not selected.

The deadline to apply for a spot in a Winter Study travel course is:

September 30 2021 @ 11:59 pm

Prior to the deadline:

  1. Carefully review travel course descriptions.
  2. Attend the travel course meetings in early September to understand the requirements of the course and selection process. If unable to attend the meetings, contact the course instructor.
  3. Submit the Winter Study Travel Registration form, making sure to thoroughly read the terms of enrollment.

Students will receive notification if they have been selected prior to the regular Winter Study registration period in November. The Registrar’s Office will register accepted students, and those not accepted can register for a regular Winter Study course.

Due to the degree of planning required for travel, in the event of withdrawal from a travel course after acceptance and registration is confirmed, students will be responsible for any expenses that have been incurred.


Students who plan to be on leave both fall and spring semester are not eligible to participate in Winter Study travel courses.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided for 50-100% of the travel course costs based on a student’s level of financial need. Students receive notification of the percentage of their eligibility in late September.