Winter Study Fellowships

Fellowship applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on October 2, 2023.

Winter Study Independent Projects (99s) are eligible for:

  • Roche and Gomez
  • Levien
  • Gaudino (group projects only)

Winter Study thesis students can apply for:

  • Roche and Gomez

Please carefully review fellowship criteria and application process details.

  • For Winter Study, any upper class student pursuing independent research either through a Winter Study Independent Project (99) or through a thesis is eligible to apply for the Roche and Gomez Student Research Fellowship.

    Preference will be given to juniors for whom a proposed Winter Study 99 research project will catalyze a full-year honors thesis and to seniors doing a thesis or for whom a proposed Winter Study 99 research project will be their last opportunity to undertake advanced independent research at Williams. Though sophomores for whom the project might catalyze an independent study on the same or related topic are also eligible to apply, but much less likely to receive a fellowship due to priority going to juniors and seniors. Proposals are not limited to any specific academic discipline.

    In the past, this fellowship supported the following expenses:

    • Travel
    • Housing and food
    • Lab materials, equipment, books
    • Conferences

    The Roche and Gomez Student Research Fellowship does not support purchases for computers, laptops, and iPads.

  • The Levien Family Winter Study Journalism Fellowship provides one or two students the chance to pursue independent journalism projects through a Winter Study Independent Project (99) by providing them funding to travel and conduct reporting. The maximum award available to an individual student is $1500.

    A key goal of the award’s establishment is to augment the quality and reach of student journalism for the benefit of the entire Williams community. Therefore, award recipients will be required to produce a piece of journalism to be published in student media as the work product of the experience. Prior assurance from the editor of the Williams Record or a similar student news media organization that the final piece will be published is a key consideration for the committee in evaluating proposals. Ideally, ideas for stories that could be of interest to the Williams community could even come from the Williams Record editor.

  • The Gaudino Fellowship supports self-designed group projects and travel for current students during Winter Study. It is sponsored by the Gaudino Fund at Williams, which seeks to promote the late Professor Robert Gaudino’s pedagogy at the college.

    Students should read through the Essentials of Gaudino’s Pedagogy, which includes methods that they will be using to reflect on their experience during the fellowship. Students should also orient themselves to the history and mission of the Gaudino Fund by exploring the website:  

    The documents below are required in an application for a Winter Study Gaudino Fellowship. Each group must discuss their plans with the Gaudino Scholar (Amy Holzapfel) prior to submitting their proposal. 

    1. A one-page description of the project, including a specific and substantive explanation of how the project fulfills the aims of the Gaudino Fellowship. It should also provide an overview of the work that will take place (e.g. internships, research, or volunteer work). Some notes: 
      • The environment of a Gaudino project should include a deep immersive experience embedded in a safe environment that at the same time challenges basic assumptions. Please include an overview of the environment and the measures to secure it.
      • The students, in collaboration with the Gaudino Scholar, upon receiving confirmation that their proposal was approved, must align on the final location(s) for the entirety of the travel experience. That final determination is subject to approval of the Gaudino Trustee Board. 
    2. A one-or-two page introduction of each group member and how this project will take each of them outside of their comfort zone.
    3. A proposed budget, with detailed breakdown of items. The Gaudino Trustee Board rewards a maximum grant of $4000 per person.