Winter Study Instructor Contact Information

Subject Course # Course Type Title Instructor Email
AMST   12 LEC Podcasting Arnold,E [email protected]
AMST   14 LEC Race, Education & Pop Culture Sewell,C [email protected]
AMST   30 HON Sen Honors: American Studies Cleghorn,CJ [email protected]
ANSO   11 LEC Intro to Indian Cooking Raghavan,RR [email protected]
ANSO   15 LEC Spatial Science Campbell,CE [email protected]
ANSO   16 LEC The Technological Society Shoffstall,G [email protected]
ANTH   15 LEC Photographic Literacy & Pers Brody,B [email protected]
ANTH   16 LEC Unsettling Environments Voinot-Baron,W [email protected]
ANTH   31 HON Senior Thesis: Anthropology Nolan,JL [email protected]
ARAB   31 HON Senior Thesis: Arabic Studies Bernhardsson,MT [email protected]
ARAB   88 LAB Arabic Sustaining Program Bernhardsson,MT [email protected]
ARTH   10 LEC Inventing Joan of Arc Low,PD [email protected]
ARTH   16 LEC Sensing Place Krasnopoler,EM [email protected]
ARTH   31 HON Senior Thesis: Art History McGowan,EP [email protected]
ARTH   51 LEC International Study Trip Gotlieb,M [email protected]
ARTS   10 LEC Woodcut Domenick,C [email protected]
ARTS   14 LEC Ceramic Sculpture Harris-Babou,IY [email protected]
ARTS   19 LEC The Restless Collection Stein,J [email protected]
ASST   12 LEC Asian Socialism Knight,JM [email protected]
ASST   14 LEC Martial Arts in Movies Kent,RH [email protected]
ASST   31 HON Senior Thesis: Asian Studies Crane,GT [email protected]
ASTR   16 LEC Planets and Search for Life Wittenmyer,R [email protected]
ASTR   20 LEC France Under the Nazis 1940-45 Bowden,M [email protected]
ASTR   32 HON Senior Research: Astrophysics Pasachoff,JM [email protected]
BIOL   11 LEC Project BioEyes Swoap,JC [email protected]
BIOL   13 LEC Animal Tracking Yacobellis,D [email protected]
BIOL   14 LEC Surgical Care Ethical Issues Eyre,RC [email protected]
BIOL   21 INT Science Beyond Williams Banta,LM [email protected]
BIOL   22 LEC Intro Biological Research Banta,LM [email protected]
BIOL   25 TVL Tropical Marine Conservation Auer,SK [email protected]
BIOL   31 HON Senior Thesis: Biology Banta,LM [email protected]
BIOL   41 LEC Biology Through the Media Savage,RM [email protected]
BIOL  100 LEC Biology Through Media Intensve Savage,RM [email protected]
CHEM   12 LEC Embodying Creativity Hu,TL [email protected]
CHEM   13 LEC Ultimate Wellness Anagnos,N [email protected]
CHEM   16 LEC Glassblowing Thoman,JW [email protected]
CHEM   18 LEC Intro Research in Biochemistry Gehring,A [email protected]
CHEM   20 LEC Intro Research Inorganic Chem Goh,C [email protected]
CHEM   23 LEC Intro Research Organic Chem Goh,SL [email protected]
CHEM   24 LEC Intro Research Physical Chem Peacock-López,E [email protected]
CHEM   31 HON Sen Research&Thesis: Chemistry Goh,SL [email protected]
CHEM   41 LEC It’s a Material World Park,LY [email protected]
CHEM  100 SEM It’s a Material World Park,LY [email protected]
CHIN   14 LEC Chinese Female Knight Errants He,M [email protected]
CHIN   31 HON Senior Thesis: Chinese Crane,GT [email protected]
CHIN   88 LAB Chinese Sustaining Program Crane,GT [email protected]
CLAS   25 TVL Performance & Place in Greece Olsen,SE [email protected]
CLAS   31 HON Senior Thesis: Classics Dekel,E [email protected]
CMAJ   31 HON Senior Thesis: Contract Major Turner,AB [email protected]
COGS   31 HON Sr Thsis: Cognitive Science Zaki,SR [email protected]
COMP   31 HON Senior Thesis: Comparative Lit Nugent,CM [email protected]
CSCI   10 LEC C, Unix and Software Tools Doret,LP [email protected]
CSCI   11 LEC Video Game Appreciation Williams,AM [email protected]
CSCI   12 LEC Geometry in Stained Glass Coombs,D [email protected]
CSCI   13 LEC Designing for People Cohen,R [email protected]
CSCI   15 LEC An Introduction to the Modern McCauley,S [email protected]
CSCI   23 LEC Research & Devlpmnt Computing Jannen,BK [email protected]
CSCI   31 HON Senior Thesis:Computer Science Albrecht,JR [email protected]
DANC   11 LEC BFF (Ballet Film Festival!) Parker,J [email protected]
DANC   11 LEC BFF (Ballet Film Festival!) Parker,J [email protected]
DANC   13 LEC BFF: Intermediate Parker,J [email protected]
DANC   13 LEC BFF: Intermediate Parker,J [email protected]
ECON   10 LEC Markets and Banking Bock,TD [email protected]
ECON   13 LEC Evaluating Startup Ideas Fogel,SP [email protected]
ECON   14 LEC Housing Markets through Film Sheppard,SC [email protected]
ECON   15 LEC Intro. to Mgmt. Consulting McKelvey,P [email protected]
ECON   16 LEC Venture Capital Schwed,RA [email protected]
ECON   17 LEC The Fun of Fundraising Day,LE [email protected]
ECON   19 LEC US Energy Disruption Clark,JF [email protected]
ECON   21 INT Fieldwork in Int’l Development Consolini,PM [email protected]
ECON   22 LEC Volunteer Income Tax Assistant LaLumia,S [email protected]
ECON   23 LEC Investing Wattley,AG [email protected]
ECON   24 LEC Economics of Wine Pedroni,PL [email protected]
ECON   28 LEC Product Management Wellenstein,A [email protected]
ECON   30 HON Honors Project: Economics Nafziger,SE [email protected]
ECON   31 HON Honors Thesis: Economics Nafziger,SE [email protected]
ECON   52 LEC Micro-Simulation Modeling Samson,M [email protected]
ECON   55 LEC Mntary Plcy/Emrging/Devlp Econ Kuttner,KN [email protected]
ECON   56 LEC Macroeconomics and Reality Edison,HJ [email protected]
ENGL   11 LEC Black Arts Multiculturalism Smith,DL [email protected]
ENGL   12 LEC Spenser’s “Faerie Queene” Vasiliauskas,E [email protected]
ENGL   15 LEC Tolkien Riley,RM [email protected]
ENGL   17 LEC Writing Art Fisher,JM [email protected]
ENGL   18 LEC Can I Ask You Something? Vainsencher,G [email protected]
ENGL   19 LEC The Personal is Political Munemo,JM [email protected]
ENGL   25 TVL Journalism Today Marcisz,C [email protected]
ENGL   30 HON Honors Project: English Kent,KR [email protected]
ENGL   31 HON Senior Thesis: English Kent,KR [email protected]
ENGL   41 LEC Intensive Expository Writing Park,PC [email protected]
ENGL   42 LEC Designer Genes Intensive Hicok,B [email protected]
ENGL  102 SEM Intensive Expository Writing Park,PC [email protected]
ENGL  103 LEC Designer Genes Intensive Hicok,B [email protected]
ENVI   15 LEC Drinking Water Advocacy Sonnenfeldt,JC [email protected]
ENVI   31 HON Sen Rsrch &Thesis: Envi Study Art,HW [email protected]
GBST   30 HON Sr Proj: Global Studies Mahon,JE [email protected]
GBST   31 HON Sr Thesis: Global Studies Mahon,JE [email protected]
GEOS   12 LEC National Parks Geology Wobus,B [email protected]
GEOS   22 LEC Geosciences Research Cook,MS [email protected]
GEOS   31 HON Senior Thesis: Geosciences Cook,MS [email protected]
GERM   11 LEC Documentary Photography Bubriski,K [email protected]
GERM   30 HON Honors Project: German van de Stadt,J [email protected]
GERM   31 HON Senior Thesis: German van de Stadt,J [email protected]
GERM   88 LAB German Sustaining Program van de Stadt,J [email protected]
HIST   13 LEC Eyewitness Civil Rights Mvmt Williams,C [email protected]
HIST   18 LEC Kurt Vonnegut in History Skorobogatov,Y [email protected]
HIST   19 LEC Special Collections Peale,A [email protected]
HIST   30 LEC Workshop in Independent Rsrch Reinhardt,A [email protected]
HIST   31 HON Senior Thesis: History Reinhardt,A [email protected]
JAPN   31 HON Senior Thesis: Japanese Crane,GT [email protected]
JAPN   88 LAB Japanese Sustaining Program Crane,GT [email protected]
JLST   13 LEC U.S. Environmental Law McKnight,PR [email protected]
JLST   15 LEC The Work of the Supreme Court Groban,RS [email protected]
JWST   31 HON Senior Thesis: Jewish Studies Dekel,E [email protected]
LATS   31 HON Senior Thesis:Latina/o Studies Cepeda,M [email protected]
LEAD   12 LEC Effective Leadership Simon,B [email protected]
LEAD   14 LEC Mock Trial Olson,DC [email protected]
LEAD   18 LEC Wilderness Emergency Care Lewis,SA [email protected]
LEAD   21 LEC Wilderness Leadership Lewis,SA [email protected]
LEAD   22 LEC Outdoor Emergency Care Feist,TP [email protected]
MAST   31 HON Sen Thesis: Maritime Studies VanWinkle,T [email protected]
MATH   11 LEC Narrative Structure Bydlon,A [email protected]
MATH   12 LEC The Mathematics of Lego Bricks Miller,SJ [email protected]
MATH   14 LEC Introductory Photography Washburne,D [email protected]
MATH   15 LEC Exploring the Primes: A Crash Goldmakher,L [email protected]
MATH   16 LEC Women & Minorities in Science Blackwood,JC [email protected]
MATH   17 LEC Tournament Bridge Morgan,F [email protected]
MATH   20 LEC Humor Writing Adams,CC [email protected]
MATH   30 HON Senior Project: Mathematics De Veaux,RD [email protected]
MATH   31 HON Senior Thesis: Mathematics De Veaux,RD [email protected]
MUS   11 LEC The World and Wes Anderson Wadsworth,Z [email protected]
MUS   13 LEC Javanese Gamelan Ensemble Acimovic,P [email protected]
MUS   15 LEC Songwriting Lewis,B [email protected]
MUS   16 LEC Zimbabwean Music Collaboration Muparutsa,T [email protected]
MUS   17 LEC Intro to Argentine Tango Campbell,CS [email protected]
MUS   21 LSN Individual Instruction Gollin,E [email protected]
MUS   22 LSN Chamber Music Workshop Gollin,E [email protected]
MUS   31 HON Senior Thesis: Music Gollin,E [email protected]
NSCI   10 LEC The Neuroscience of Learning Willis,J [email protected]
NSCI   31 HON Senior Thesis: Neuroscience Lebestky,TJ [email protected]
PHIL   11 LEC Philosophy of Chess Gerrard,SB [email protected]
PHIL   14 LEC Ethics of Technology Creel,KA [email protected]
PHIL   19 LEC Living a Good Life Hodgson,T [email protected]
PHIL   26 TVL Morocco Barry,MJ [email protected]
PHIL   30 HON Senior Essay: Philosophy Sawicki,J [email protected]
PHIL   31 HON Sr Thesis or Essay: Philosophy Sawicki,J [email protected]
PHLH   15 LEC The Human Side of Medicine Goodbody,S [email protected]
PHLH   25 TVL Health and Education in India Curtis,EF [email protected]
PHYS   10 LEC Light and Holography Strauch,FW [email protected]
PHYS   12 LEC Drawing as a Learnable Skill Ehrich,S [email protected]
PHYS   14 LEC Experimental Music Fox,D [email protected]
PHYS   15 LEC Cooking for the Real World Hazell,C [email protected]
PHYS   16 LEC The Way Things Work Jensen,KE [email protected]
PHYS   22 LEC Research Participation Strauch,FW [email protected]
POEC   31 HON Hon Thesis: Political Economy LaLumia,S [email protected]
PSCI   12 LEC First Amendment Law & Policy Constantine,LE [email protected]
PSCI   13 LEC Democracy Promotion Bjornlund,EC [email protected]
PSCI   14 LEC The Best Athletes of All Time Jackson,GE [email protected]
PSCI   15 LEC Introduction to Tap Dance Ephraim,LD [email protected]
PSCI   16 LEC Speechwriting Craft & Career Reische,J [email protected]
PSCI   17 LEC State Courts Individual Rights Yorke,S [email protected]
PSCI   18 LEC Brexit: The Irish Factor Brynn,E [email protected]
PSCI   19 LEC Law as Tool for Social Justice Pollet,R [email protected]
PSCI   21 INT Public & Private Non-Profits Consolini,PM [email protected]
PSCI   22 LEC Intervention for Teens (LIFT) Wynn,M [email protected]
PSCI   30 HON Senior Essay:Political Science Reinhardt,MT [email protected]
PSCI   31 HON Sen Thesis: Political Science Reinhardt,MT [email protected]
PSYC   10 LEC Yoga, Mindfulness & Creativity Edgerton,MM [email protected]
PSYC   11 LEC Designing your Life and Career Johnson,B [email protected]
PSYC   12 LEC Towards a Fuller Life Warren,AB [email protected]
PSYC   14 LEC JA SelCom: A Case Study Sewell,C [email protected]
PSYC   15 LEC Ephquits–Intro Quilting Rogers-Gillig,DS [email protected]
PSYC   16 LEC Self-Compassion Warren,AB [email protected]
PSYC   21 INT Psychology Internships Savitsky,KK [email protected]
PSYC   22 RSC Intro Research in Psychology Cone,JD [email protected]
PSYC   23 LEC Public Pedagogy Polk,MH [email protected]
PSYC   31 HON Senior Thesis: Psychology Hane,AA [email protected]
REL   14 LEC Yogic Meditation Judson,N [email protected]
REL   18 LEC Bibles of the Chapin Library Webster,PJ [email protected]
REL   19 LEC Charmed: Amulets and Talismans Wax,SM [email protected]
REL   31 HON Senior Thesis: Religion Hidalgo,J [email protected]
RLFR   13 LEC Creative Darkroom Portraiture Goudrouffe,D [email protected]
RLFR   30 HON Honors Essay: French French,JL [email protected]
RLFR   31 HON Senior Thesis: French French,JL [email protected]
RLFR   88 LAB French Sustaining Program French,JL [email protected]
RLIT   88 LAB Italian Sustaining Program French,JL [email protected]
RLSP   25 TVL Somos Sur: Borderlines Canova,JE [email protected]
RLSP   30 HON Honors Essay: Spanish French,JL [email protected]
RLSP   31 HON Senior Thesis: Spanish French,JL [email protected]
RLSP   88 LAB Spanish Sustaining Program French,JL [email protected]
RUSS   16 LEC Russian Spies in DC Mihailovic,A [email protected]
RUSS   25 TVL Williams in Georgia Ivantsov,V [email protected]
RUSS   30 HON Honors Project: Russian van de Stadt,J [email protected]
RUSS   31 HON Senior Thesis: Russian van de Stadt,J [email protected]
RUSS   88 LAB Russian Sustaining Program van de Stadt,J [email protected]
SOC   31 HON Senior Thesis: Sociology Nolan,JL [email protected]
SPEC   10 LEC Counseling Skills Intensive Theiling,KM [email protected]
SPEC   12 LEC Intro to Advertising Harty,S [email protected]
SPEC   12 LEC Intro to Advertising Harty,S [email protected]
SPEC   16 LEC Design Thinking, Social Change Grefé,R [email protected]
SPEC   17 LEC Emergent Strategy Bruno,C [email protected]
SPEC   18 LEC Peer Health Training Sporbert,L [email protected]
SPEC   19 INT Healthcare Internship Fuller,BK [email protected]
SPEC   21 INT Experience in the Workplace Dellea,DM [email protected]
SPEC   24 LEC Teaching Pract: NYC Schools Finnegan,T [email protected]
SPEC   26 TVL Immersion in Entrepreneurship Palmer,T [email protected]
SPEC   27 TVL Development Project in Liberia Lewis,SA [email protected]
SPEC   28 LEC The GYROKINESIS® Movement Meth Sardo,P [email protected]
SPEC   30 LEC Emergency Med Technician Trng Miller,AN [email protected]
STAT   10 LEC Interactive Data Visualizatio Plantinga,AM [email protected]
STAT   11 LEC Stat Analysis on Networks Cai,X [email protected]
STAT   20 LEC Wines of France De Veaux,RD [email protected]
STAT   30 HON Senior Project: Statistics De Veaux,RD [email protected]
STAT   31 HON Senior Honors Thesis De Veaux,RD [email protected]
THEA   18 LEC Honors Devising Intensive Gürçay-Morris,D [email protected]
THEA   19 LEC Williams on Stage Sangare,OA [email protected]
THEA   22 LEC A Filmmaking Intensive Hecht,JA [email protected]
THEA   31 HON Senior Thesis: Theatre Gürçay-Morris,D [email protected]
THEA   32 HON Senior Honors Thesis: Theatre Gürçay-Morris,D [email protected]
WGSS   31 HON Sr Thesis:Women/Gender Studies Honderich,K [email protected]