Winter Study

Winter Study Program 2025: January 6-31

The Winter Study Program provides students a change of pace, emphasizes individual student initiative, and opens new horizons for students to explore. During this interlude between semesters, students have time to immerse themselves in an interest of their choosing. Winter Study offerings promote one or more of the following:

  • Experiential, hands-on learning (craft, literacy, fluency, research);
  • Self-expression (art, performing arts and languages);
  • Student exploration (academic, global, career, independent projects, research); and
  • Wellness (mindfulness, health, life-planning).

Students can travel across the globe; intern or apprentice in a field of interest; pursue independent research; or enroll in on-campus courses on topics not covered during the regular semester. Most offerings do not have prerequisites, so students can interact and collaborate with peers who hold different perspectives and interests. Students will also have the opportunity to encounter new subjects, skills and ideas that may ignite lifelong passions.